The City of Mississauga has a strong local economy with a diverse business community across various sectors. We are home to over 94,000 businesses, have a GDP of $60 billion, and are a major contributor to the Greater Toronto Area economy.

It is imperative that we remain responsive to the business community’s needs as recovery takes hold. While we always have and will play an ongoing role in helping the local economy, we need the support of active and engaged provincial and federal partners.

What we need the next Ontario government to do

In the Mississauga Economic Development Strategy, we outline three global drivers of change shaping economic competitiveness and prosperity:

  • Digital technology transformation
  • Emergence of sustainability as a business imperative
  • Competition for talent

As our economy emerges from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s clear that these drivers are more relevant than ever. For this reason, it’s important that our next provincial government adopts an inclusive, whole-community approach that leaves no one behind and:

Invests in local business innovation and competitiveness
  • Provide long-term funding to small and medium sized businesses to encourage the adoption of sustainable, advanced technologies and digitalization
  • Extend the funding for the Digital Main Street program recipients (up to three years) to support service continuity and retain skilled business advisors
  • Expand existing provincial and federal programs to support SMEs in assessing and adopting advanced and sustainable technologies
Invests in talent development and access
  • Align the workforce development programs and services with the needs of employers
  • Expand and funding programs that foster collaboration between education and training institutions and industry stakeholders to develop flexible, demand-driven education and training programs for small and medium businesses
  • Develop dedicated funding sources that address the gaps experienced by businesses
  • Expand workforce development support focused on full and equitable participation within the labour market by building upon existing provincial and federal incentives for businesses to provide work opportunities for individuals facing employment challenges, including new graduates, long-term unemployed, newcomers, and persons with disabilities


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