Stay up to date with the provincial election campaign using the party promise tracker. You can learn whether a political party’s promises align with Mississauga’s top priorities.
Political parties / City priorities
Ontario Liberal Party Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario Ontario New Democratic Party Green Party of Ontario Other 
Build the Downtown Loop Supports 


All-day, two-way GO on the Milton Corridor Supports  Partially supports8
Increase Inclusionary Zoning Supports  Partially supports1 Supports 
Require 20% affordable units on surplus provincial lands Partially supports5 Partially supports2
Capital gains tax (excluding principal residences)
Enhance the non-resident speculation tax Supports  Supports 


Ongoing Safe Restart Funding Partially supports6 Partially supports9
Infrastructure funding Supports 
Extend Digital Main Street program funding


Partially supports3

Partially supports10
Fund digitalization for businesses Supports Partially supports4
Support employment equity

Partially supports7



This chart will be continually updated as parties release their platforms and respond to Mississauga’s priorities. 

The party promise tracker is solely an informational aid used for educational purposes. 

1 Promised to end exclusionary zoning.

2 Promised to require Metrolinx to make its surplus lands available for social and affordable housing.

3 Promised to extend support for the not-for-profit sector.

4 Made an announcement in Fall 2021 about investing $10 million over 2022-2023 and 2023-2024 to create a new Digitization Competence Centre (DCC). The DCC will provide small businesses with the training and support to use new equipment and processes, helping them understand and adopt digital technologies.

5 Promised to establish the Ontario Home Building Corporation which will develop surplus provincial lands, including up to 80,000 acres of land for new homes. Any homes sold by the Corporation will be available only to first-time home buyers, and any proceeds will go directly back into creating more affordable homes.

6 Promised to review municipal fiscal sustainability and the potential to upload responsibility of more critical infrastructure like bridges and roads to the province.

7 Promised to hire interntionally-trained health professionals.

8 Promised to expand all-day, two-way GO service to ensure trains could leave every 15 minutes during peak periods and every 30 minutes during off-peak hours, including weekends.

9 Promised to restore the 50% provincial cost-share for transit operations to reduce user fare increases and create a dedicated annual $2 billion Climate Adaptation Fund for municipalities.

10 Promised to expand the Digital Main Street program to include non-profit organizations and provide fulfillment platforms that better enable small, local businesses to compete with large online companies.

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