Vote for candidates who will support Mississauga

The next provincial election is on Thursday, June 2, 2022

Who you vote for in the provincial election will impact our City’s future. Learn about Mississauga’s priorities and where the parties stand on support for our City.

Mississauga’s top four priorities

Learn what our key priorities are and what we ask of the next provincial government.

Housing affordability

We are facing a housing affordability crisis. To ensure a thriving community where middle-income earners can compete in the housing market, we need the provincial government to commit to working with us to build complete communities and enact effective legislation and policy changes.

Public transit

To achieve our transit, economic and development goals, we need to build the downtown loop to the Hurontario Light Rail Transit project and realize all-day, two-way GO service on the Milton corridor. To make this happen, we need a provincial government to invest in our priority public transit projects.

Funding for cities
COVID-19 highlighted the pressures that decreased revenues put on municipal services and infrastructure. As we recover, we need the provincial government to provide ongoing Safe Restart funding for critical services. In addition, we need continued capital funding to build infrastructure needed to ensure a good quality of life in our City.
Targeted support for the local economy

Mississauga is home to over 94,000 businesses, has a GDP of $60 billion, and is a major contributor to the Greater Toronto Area. To ensure continued growth, we need the provincial government to recognize the role of our local businesses and commit to funding our businesses, industries and innovation.

Electoral districts

Mississauga has six electoral districts in which candidates can run:

For more information about the political parties, your Mississauga candidates and their policy platforms, please visit Elections Ontario.

Follow the provincial election

Provincial election information session

Watch the recording of the provincial election information session held on Tuesday, May 17, 2022.

Party promise tracker

View a complete list of political parties and learn whether their promises align with Mississauga’s priorities.